Charles & Gai Jewell

       Missionaries in the Central African Republic

History of Baptist Mid Missions in CAR.


     Rev. William Clarence Haas first visited French Equatorial Africa in 1911. Rev. Haas was burdened to return to French Equatorial Africa.  He led a team of 6 missionaries back to the area; Mr. and Mrs. Ferd Rosenau, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Young, and Mrs. Becker.They established the stations of Sibut, Crampel and Bangassou. 

     The mission was organized October, 15, 1920 in Elyria, Ohio, as The General Counsel of Cooperating Baptist Missions of North America . It had 11 missionaries on the field by 1922.  Rev. Haas died of malaria fever at Bangassou in 1924.

   The Bible (Old and New Testament) was completed in the Sango language in 1966.

    It is presently being revised. 

   There are presently 7 missionaries assigned to the CAR field.  Charlie and Gai Jewell, John and Paula Dannenberg, (raising support), Les and Carol Carew, (raising support), Polly Strong 

    BMM has 1 hospital, 3 clinics, and 7 Bible Schools that train prospective pastors and their wives. 

    There are more than 400 churches in CAR that are in fellowship with BMM, many which have national pastors that were trained in our Bible Schools.  

    More than 1,000 BMM missionaries now serve on 6 continents. 

    Burning Wicks by Miss Polly Strong is the complete record of the History of BMM.   

    The Articles of Faith of Baptist Mid Missions can be found on their website.


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