Charles & Gai Jewell

       in the Central African Republic



    If you would like to make contributions to Charlie and Gai Jewell or ministries here in the Central African Republic, the information is found below. All checks must be payable to Baptist Mid Missions.  Please send a letter along with your gift designating how the funds should be credited.  Questions can be sent to us by email or Baptist Mid Missions to our field administrator, ( ). 


   For Charlie and Gai personally 

       Make checks payable to Baptist Mid Missions.  In your accompanying letter indicate that the funds are for the ministry of Charles Jewell.  If you want a tax-deductible receipt, this is all you need to do.  Then we do pay Social Security taxes on it. 

       If you want to give a gift for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions, please clearly indicate the special occasion for which you are sending the funds (i.e., birthday, Christmas, etc.) and that the gift is to be credited to the account of Charles Jewell.  This type of gift will not receive a tax-deductible receipt. 


     For the Bible Schools

          We have seven Bible Schools in several cities in CAR that are in fellowship with BMM.  Tuition for a couple in Bible School differs from school to school.  It costs about $125 for some schools per couple, per year, to supply notes, teachers’ salaries, baby sitters, administration costs, and a small amount for health.  (Other schools may be double that because of the location and teachers’ salaries.) 

          Scholarships in general can be given to help the Bible Schools. The Mission has an account for this called C.A.R. Advanced Education.  This also is a help to those seeking higher education after attending our four-year Bible Schools.

          John and Paula Dannenberg have come to CAR to begin a Seminary for students who are more highly educated as well as those who want to go on for more education after our four-year Bible School.  Please contact Baptist Mid-Missions to find out how you should designate the gifts for this ministry. 

          Sibut Bible School and Bambari Bible School have accounts in Baptist Mid Missions’ Finance Department.  To give to either of these two Bible Schools, indicate in the letter accompanying your check which Bible School is to receive the funds.  All other schools, including Bangassou Bible School, Bria Bible School, Kaga-Bandoro Bible School, Kembe Bible School and Bangui Bible School need to be sent to the C.A.R. Advanced Education account and designated and noted in the statement as to which school they are intended.    

          Medical needs for the students and their families are a constant concern.  Charlie and Gai give from their own account to help in this area.  Please make your check payable to Baptist Mid-Missions and in your accompanying letter indicate that the funds should be designated to the account of the Named Bible Schools for  Student Aid to be used to assist Bible School student families.       



     For Medical Ministries

       We have four medical works here in CAR.  We have one hospital in the town of Ippy near the center of CAR. 

      There are three clinics.  The clinic at Bangassou is located in southeastern CAR, and the clinic at Sibut is 100 miles east of the capital of CAR, Bangui.  Kaga Bandoro clinic is located about 100 miles north of Sibut.

       Our hospital at Ippy needs donations of  $20,000 per year  to purchase medicines.  At present it has no missionary doctor, and is being run by men trained by a missionary doctor. They are doing general surgeries such as:  hernias, c-sections, fibroid tumors, bowel infections, broken bones, etc.  They are treating diseases such as malaria, hepatitis, cholera, meningitis, and typhoid.  They are having a difficult time making tax payments and paying salaries.

       Sibut Clinic and Bangassou Clinic and Kaga Bandoro (KB) Clinic need about $1,500 per year to help with the purchase of medicines.  Funds are a constant need for the Clinics and the Hospital to improve services or structures. 

       Ippy Hospital and Sibut Clinic have accounts in Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM).   Checks should be made payable to Baptist Mid-Missions, with your accompanying letter designating the medical work to which you want the funds credited.

       Bangassou Clinic does not have an account at BMM.  Please make your check payable to Baptist Mid-Missions, and in your accompanying letter indicate that the funds are to be credited to the C.A.R. Bangassou Station account and used for the work of the Bangassou Clinic.     

     Kaga Bandoro Clinic does not have an account in BMM.  Please make your check payable to Baptist Mid-Missions, and in your accompanying letter state that the funds are to be credited to the account of Kaga Bandoro Station and used for the work of the Kaga Bandoro Clinic. 

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