Charles & Gai Jewell

       Missionaries in the Central African Republic

Reading List

               Here is a list of suggested reading about the Central African Republic, its people, and those who have served or are presently serving as missionaries to the Central African Republic.

    “Burning Wicks”   By Polly Strong

    “ World of Treasure”    By V. Ben and Nina Kendrick
    ” The Story Teller”   By V. Ben Kendrick
    ” Yanga the Miracle Village”    By V. Ben Kendrick

    “Battle for Yanga”    By V. Ben Kendrick
   “ Not Beyond Reach”   By V. Ben Kendrick

    “ Buried Alive for Christ, “  By V. Ben Kendrick

    “God in some of my Valley Days.  By Ina Rosenau

   “To the Praise of His Glory” by Richard and Dorothy McMillen

   “They Called Me Mama.”  By Margaret Nicholl Laird

   “The Calling.” By Mary Baker

   “Bangassou”. By Dean Chasteen

"I'd Do It Again". By Marge Benedict


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