Charles & Gai Jewell

       Missionaries in the Central African Republic


The Testimonies of Charlie and Gai Jewell



     I was born in French Equatorial Africa.   I am the son of Douglas and Elizabeth Jewell, missionaries with Baptist Mid Missions.   Mom and Dad served in Chad until 1959 then moved to CAR. I have 3 brothers Paul, Roger, Daniel, and 1 sister, Judith. 

    I accepted the Lord as My personal Savior when I was 6 years old.   

    I attended the missionary school at Crampel (now Kaga Bandoro) CAR and the High School in the capital city of Bangui, and graduated from there in 1972. 

     In 1972, when my family came on furlough, we settled in the Clarks Summit Pennsylvania where I went to Baptist Bible College.  I attended 2 years at the college. 

     I met my wife Gai in Clarks Summit in 1973 and we were married 3 years later, July 10, 1976. 



    My twin sister, Jerry, and I were born in Japan on an Army military base.  When my father retired from 20 years of service in the army we settled in Scranton Pennsylvania.  My parents built a home in Fleetville which is just 8 miles from Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit Pa. 

   I accepted the Lord at 13 years old.  I was baptized at Hickory Street Baptist Church, Scranton Pa.

   I met Charlie while I was still in High School.  When I graduated, 1974, I attended Baptist Bible College for a year. The next year I took a job in a bank in Scranton and worked there 2 years.

   Charlie and I were married July 10, 1976.

   Charlie and I have 3 children.  Joshua born in 1978, Jesse 1980, and Lynda 1985. 


     In 1982 the factory that Charlie was working in suddenly closed.  Charlie said that he knew the Lord had better plans for us and wanted to go back to College to enter the Missions program.  Gai was able to take classes, one by one. Charlie needed a missionary apprenticeship credit to graduate in the program.  So they applied to Baptist Mid Missions for apprenticeship. 


     We went to Central African Republic in 1983 to work under Charlie’s parents.  Joshua and Jesse were with us.  Our plan was to spend 10 weeks in CAR.  Charlie’s dad had a medical emergency and he and mom were evacuated to the U.S.  The missionaries on the station asked us to stay on until mom and dad could return.  We agreed to stay until Christmas, and ordered lessons for the boys.  Mom and Dad could not return until spring. Our 10 week apprenticeship program turned into 54 weeks.  It was during that time that Charlie felt the call to go to CAR for ministry.  We returned home and that summer after much prayer Gai knew that the Lord was calling her to the ministry there also.


      In 1985 we graduated from BBC and applied to Baptist Mid Missions.  We were accepted in May of 1986 and went to the field of CAR for the first time in 1989.  We have been in CAR now for 20 years.  We are praising the Lord that he put us in this ministry. “I timothy 1:12 “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry.”


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